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Preventative Dental

Preventative Dentistry is the modern way we can save you time, money, pain, and ensure you keep your teeth for your lifetime. What can you expect at your check up and clean appointment? 

Hard and Soft Tissue Exam

A thorough Examination of your teeth and gums for any signs of tooth decay or gum disease.

Oral Cancer screening

Early detection is vital in the management of cancer. We carefully examine your soft tissues to identify any early changes that could lead to pathology.

Intra-Oral Photographs

These are important in monitoring changes to suspicious soft tissue lesions and are a great educational tool.

Digital Low Radiation Bitewing Radiographs

To ensure we can properly examine decay prone areas like between your teeth. We take radiographs or get access to your previous radiographs from your previous clinic. Radiographs can also help us diagnose bone loss and gum disease.

Dietary tips

We can go through your diet with you to determine if anything you’re consuming is unknowingly causing you decay.

Oral Hygiene Tips

We can discuss your current routine and identify areas you may want to tweak to improve.

Scale and Clean

We use very fine handpieces to ensure you have the gentlest clean possible.

Stain Removal

A cost effective and gentle way to improve stained teeth is a Prophy Polish. This uses a paste with a spinning plastic cup to remove any external stains caused by tea/coffee/smoking/day to day life from your enamel.


Teeth Whitening ZOOM Dental Treatment


The AIRFLOW® is a new non-contact system for cleaning and polishing teeth. It projects a controlled stream of air, warm water and very fine sweet powder onto the tooth and in hard-to-reach areas to dislodge and remove debris, plaque and stains.

It is more time effective as the high-pressure water/air stream cleans quicker, more efficiently and comfortably than the traditional prophylaxis.

Do you experience cold sensitivity during cleans?

Great news!! The water in the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is heated to your body temperature, ensuring a warmer experience.

You can request the EMS Airflow when you book for your next clean, to ensure you get optimally cleaner teeth at no extra cost to you.